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    Office of General Affairs 

    Head: Ms. WU Qingli  

    Tel: 86-27-68780789  


    The Office of General Affairs is in charge of the following affairs: formulating and implementing the administrative regulations and bylaws; coordinating general affairs of the institute; supervising the implementation of affairs decided by the board of directors; formulating and implementing the administrative affairs of the institute; propagating administrative information; constructing innovative culture and striving for ideological and ethical progress; administering integrative archives and handling official documents; dealing with affairs of international academic exchanges and cooperation; being responsible for the security of the institute and the confidentiality of classified documents and information; being responsible for the disciplinary inspection, supervision and audit affairs; overseeing and administering the state-owned assets for business operation; monitoring fixed assets investment (property and facilities) and capital construction; updating and maintaining Chinese and English websites, LAN (local area network) and ARP (academia resource program) of the institute; other related duties when required. 


    Office of Human Resources and Education  

    Head: Mr. HU Xingyue 

    Tel: 86-27-68780669  


    The Office of Human Resource and Education is in charge of the following affairs: formulating and implementing regulations on human resource and postgraduate education; arranging and regulating organizational structures and personnel positions at the institute; determining and managing personnel planning and staff quotas; staff salary and welfares, personnel appointment and promotion; talents introduction, talent program application and distinguished talents management; annual performance review and personnel archives management; maintenance of personnel information database and data collection and reporting; continuing education; administration of postdoctoral research fellows and senior visiting scholars; retirement affairs; formulating student recruitment quota and coordinating student recruitment affairs; formulation of teaching plan and academic degree conferment; student daily administration, scholarship application and distribution, student displacement after graduation; faculty construction; library management, including editing and compiling books, library lending service, construction and maintenance of the library database.  


    Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 

    Head: Prof. HE Feng   

    Tel: 86-27-68780832  


    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is mainly in charge of the following affairs: drawing up S&T development plan and relevant regulations on the management of research business; providing guidance on the application for research projects; administering projects and research achievements; achievements commercialization and intellectual property arrangement, confidential data management; international cooperation programs; cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences and local institutions and enterprises; collecting and arranging research statistics and S&T archives;assisting in the administrative work of the research platforms (e.g. the state and CAS key laboratories) in the institute; promoting academic exchanges; administering affiliated societies and daily affairs of the academic committee of the institute;editorial work and publication affairs of ACTA Hydrobiologica Sinica, a bimonthly journalsponsored by the Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS) and Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology; other related duties when required.  

    Office of Finance and Accounting 

    Head: Ms. YE Ping   

    Tel: 86-27-68780676  


    The Office of Finance and Accounting is in charge of the following affairs: formulating and implementing financial regulations of the institute; budget compilation and presentation of final account of the institute’s revenue and expenditures; daily financial and tax affairs; financial management of capital construction; calculating and distributing staff salary and students scholarship; bank account management; maintenance of the inquiry system for the financial income of the institute.  

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