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    Hydrobiology 071004 

    01.Fish Ecology and Conservation Biology 

    CAO Wenxuan 


    02.Comparative Genomics 

    HE Shunping 


    03.Conservation Biology of Fishes/ Fish Molecular Evolution 

    LIU Huanzhang 


    04.Freshwater Ecology 

    CAI Qinghua 


    05. Mechanism of Eutrophication, Toxicology of Microcystins, and Off-flavor Chemistry

    XIE Ping


    06.Virology and Molecular Biology 

    ZHANG Qiya 


    07.Fishery Ecology 

    LI Zhongjie 


    08. Fishery Ecology 

    LIU Jiashou 


    09.Conservation Biology of Aquatic Animals 

    WANG Ding 


    10. Microbiology 

    WANG Guitang 


    11. Fish Parasitology  

    WANG Guitang 


    12.Aquatic Macrophyte Ecology 

    NI Leyi


    13.Molecular Elucidation for Cyanotoxins 

    LI Renhui 


    14.Environmental Toxicology 

    ZHOU Bingsheng 


    15.Adaptive Evolution 

    CHEN Yifeng 


    16.Fish Immunology 

    NIE Pin 


    17.Conservation Biology 

    WEI Qiwei 


    18. Algal Physio-ecology 

    SONG Lirong 


    19.Algal Ecology 

    HU Zhengyu 


    20.Fish Ecology 

    XIE Songguang 


    21.Fish Physiological Ecology 

    XIE Shouqi


    22.Eutrophication, Environmental Flow, Benthos 

    WANG Hongzhu


    23.Algal Physiology and Biochemistry 

    ZHAO Jindong 


    24. Fish Pathogenic Microbiology 

    LI Aihua 


    25. Microbiology 

    QIU Dongru 


    26. Systematic Zoology 

    ZHANG E 


    27. Fish Ecology 

    WANG Jianwei 


    28. Environmental Biology of Algae 

    HU Chunxiang 


    29.Biodiversity and Evolution of Invertebrate 

    XIE Zhicai


    30. Behavioral Ecology of Cetaceans 

    WANG Kexiong 


    31. Farming (Rearing) of Highly Valued Aquaculture Species

    ZHANG Tanglin 


    32. Aquatic Ecotoxicology 

    CHEN Jun 


    33. Environmental Biology of Algae 

    LI Dunhai 


    34. Cyanobacterial Toxinlogy 

    GAN Nanqin 

    Genetics 071007 

    01. Fish Genetics and Developmental Biology / Fish Genetic Breeding  

    GUI Jianfang 


    02. Molecular Genetics of Microalgae  

    XU Xudong 


    03. Molecular Biology and Developmental Biology 

    XIAO Wuhan 


    04.Fish Developmental Biology 

    YIN Zhan 


    05.Fish Genetics and Developmental Biology 

    CUI Zongbin 


    06. Fish Genetics and Genomics  

    TONG Jingou 


    07. Fish Developmental Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology 

    ZHU Zuoyan 


    08.Fish Molecular Genetics  

    WANG Yaping 


    09.Fish Reproductive Development and Regulation 

    HU Wei 


    10. Functional Proteomics 

    GE Feng 


    11. Algal Biofuel / Photosynthesis 

    WANG Qiang 


    12. Cilia Assembly and Disassembly, Biofuel of Microalgae 

    HUANG Kaiyao 


    13. Fish Molecular Immunology 

    ZHANG Yong-An


    14. Genome Informatics 

    XIA Xiaoqin 


    15. Fish Genetics and Developmental Biology / Fish Genetic Breeding 

    ZHOU Li 


    16. Fish Immunogenetics 

    ZHANG Yibing


    17. Early Development of Vertebrates and Fish Molecular Breeding 

    SUN Yonghua 


    18. Genomics 

    MIAO Wei 


    19. Molecular Cell Biology of Algae / Algal Biotechnology 

    HU Qiang 

    Environmental Sciences 083001 

    01.Restoration Ecology 

    WU Zhenbin 


    02. Environmental Enzymology 

    ZHOU Yiyong 


    03.Ecological and Environmental Effects of Pollutants 

    LIU Jiantong 


    04.Environmental Engineering 

    WU Zhenbin 


    05.Ecological Restoration/ Environmental Chemistry 

    XIAO Bangding 


    06.Ecological Restoration of Water Bodies 

    HE Feng 

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