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     Huda Sarwar
    PhD Student 2014-2017

    My name is Huda Sarwar from Pakistan. I am currently enrolled as a PhD fellow, working on fish Immunology. I always had a dream to come to China since my childhood. I have always been fascinated by Chinese towers, the way they are constructed, Panda, Great Wall of China, Kungfu and chopsticks. I like Chinese way of life like habit of early rising, daily exercise, dedication towards work. Chinese people are very kind to foreigners in every regard. 

    I have heard that Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the best institutes in China. Now after being here I believed this statement. The official staff is very kind and they deal with our problems with care and affection. Our dormitory is very neat and clean. Facilities are really good especially in terms of safety. The new thing here for me is that we have to use cards for water and electricity. 

    My supervisor Professor Nie Pin is very supportive and kind, always gives me courage by intellectual freedom in research topics. My lab fellows are very helping and friendly to me. Our lab is facilitated with latest apparatus and techniques, provides every facility that a researcher can ever wished for. I am thankful because without their efforts my life would have never been that good. 

    I love Chinese cuisine, which is healthy, delicious, different and my favorite dish is Da Pan Ji. I usually go with my Chinese friends to play Badminton. All foreigners including me like Chinese kids because they are so cute. Wuhan is an amazing city it just blend with my personality from the first day I came here. Moreover the environment looked familiar and didn’t seem strange to me. We are lucky to have beautiful lake just in front of our institute building and Wuhan University on the rear side. The location around IHB in spring is eye catching with cherry blossom flowers flourishing everywhere. 

    I found People Republic of China too good to be true in terms of security, Freedom, Peace, generosity and cultural heritage. I often feel blessed for having a chance to spend few years in such a great country. I am sure that wherever I would be in future, I will never forget Amazing China and Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

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