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  • Focus Forum: Development of Aquaculture Model and Construction of Ecological Civilization
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    Prof. GUI Jianfang (CAS academician) gave a lecture on March 9, 2017.  

    Prof. GUI Jianfang (CAS academician) gave a lecture on the development of aquaculture model and the construction of ecological civilization for more than 200 teachers and students at Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB) on March 9th, 2017.  

    In his lecture, Prof. Gui introduced that the production of China's aquaculture was 49 million 380 thousand tons, accounting for 70% of that of the world. According to the plan, the production of China will reach 66 million tons in 2020 and China's aquaculture has made important contribution to food security in China and the world. The successes of China’s aquaculture makes experts both here and abroad pay more and more attention to the important role of fishery in solving the problem of food security in the global population. 

    Prof. Gui pointed out that to give full play to the ecological function of fishery and promote the construction of ecological civilization is the only way to the healthy development of modern fisheries in China. Transfer of the fishery model and adjustment of structure is more urgent and modern fishery construction has reached a new stage. The changes from paying attention to the output growth to paying more attention to the quality and efficiency, from paying attention to the resource utilization to paying more attention to the protection of the ecological environment, from focusing on the material input to focusing on the scientific and technological progress and improve the quality of practitioners were necessary.  

    Prof. Gui highlighted some new fishery models such as the integrated multi nutrient aquaculture, integrated cultivation of rice and fish, intensive industrial aquaculture under the background of ecologicalization and intensification. He pointed out that this kind of ecological aquaculture model provides a new idea for the development of aquaculture. 

    Towards the end of the lecture, Prof. Gui introduced the construction of aquatic breeding and germplasm resource industry system in modern China and he also discussed the development trend of aquaculture faced with multiple needs of food safety, environmental safety and social security. He combined research with on-the-spot investigation and had an in-depth discussion and exchange with the audience in new models of aquaculture and ecological civilization construction. 

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