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IHB Hundred Talents Recruitment Notices (Category A)
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Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a comprehensive academic research institution which devotes to the studies of life processes of inland aquatic organisms, ecological environment protection and utilization of biological resources. As China’s only research institution specializing in the studies of inland aquatic organisms, IHB will exert itself in the innovation of major theories and the breakthrough of core technologies in addressing some fundamental, strategic and prospective S&T problems in the fields of life processes of inland aquatic organisms, ecological environment protection and utilization of biological resources in order to satisfy the strategic demands of the country for water environment protection, sustainable development of fishery and utilization of microalgal bio-resources. At the same time, it will try its best to intensify the values of these innovations and breakthroughs and extend their value chain, and to play an irreplaceable role in the areas of water environment protection, fresh-water fishery and utilization of microalgal bio-resources.  

Website of IHB: http://english.ihb.cas.cn/   

IHB is now seeking qualified candidates for the position of deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology   

Job Responsibilities: 

-          Organize and lead the faculty in freshwater ecology to conduct projects centered on the directions set up as the goals of the state key laboratory. Form a high level research team that has international influence in related fields. 

-          Lead researchers to conduct pioneering scientific research in freshwater ecology; undertake national major research projects or international cooperation projects which could generate internationally advanced achievements. 

-          Actively promote domestic or international cooperation and academic exchanges; provide financial support for independent or open projects.    


-          Experience as professor in a world-class university or research institution, or experience in an equivalent position of an enterprise 

-          Remarkable achievements in the field of ecology and high international academic impact and well acknowledged by international peers 

-          Young and energetic, remarkable capacity to lead and organize the research team to conduct frontier research  

-          Academic ethics, integrity, dedication and creativity are core set of values 

-          Candidates should work full time at the state key laboratory      

IHB offers:  

- A competitive research start-up fund which is up to RMB 3,000,000;  

- Household allowance which is up to RMB 1,000,000  

- Work plus lab area which is 200 square meters 

- Annual salary which is up to RMB 750,000 

- 2-3 open positions for research assistants 

- 3-4 quotas for students  

- assist the candidate’s spouse in job seeking and candidate’s child in applying for primary school.  

Interested applicants should send their CV to xyhu@ihb.ac.cn    


HU Xingyue 

Head of the Office of Human Resources and Education  

Tel: 86-27-68780669 

Wei Ke 

Tel: 86-27-68780052 

Add: No.7 Donghu South Road, Wuhan, Hubei Province, PRC  

Postal Code: 430072 

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