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    Dr. Anming MENG, a distinguished developmental biologist, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), director of Institute of Zoology (CAS) and Professor at Tsinghua University visited IHB, March 19, 2009.

    Dr. Meng made a presentation entitled “The Role of Dapper 2 in the Signal Transduction of TGF-β”. Firstly, his in vivo functional studies in zebrafish suggest that Dpr2 suppresses mesoderm induction activities of Nodal signaling, through its binding to the TGFbeta receptors ALK5 and ALK4 in late endosomes to accelerate lysosomal degradation of these receptors. In the subsequently study in mouse, lacking Dpr2 showed accelerated re-epithelialization and healing of skin wounds due to enhanced TGFβ signaling. His works reveal the function of Dapper2 (Dpr2) gene and its negative feedback mechanism on Nodal signal.

    Dr. Meng impressed all the audience with the original and systematic research. During the presentation, Dr. Meng also shared the difficulties and pleasures he encountered during his scientific career by illustrating the typical examples of experimental designs and research processes, thus giving great encouragement to the audience. Academician Meng answered questions from the audience and had insightful discussion on issues of mutual benefits.


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