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    The 19th Congress of Chinese Protozoological Society was held during Nov. 17th and 21th, 2017 in Guangzhou.

    The 19th Congress of Chinese Protozoological Society, organized by Chinese Protozoological Society and hosted by Sun Yat-sen University, was held during Nov. 17th and 21th, 2017 in Guangzhou. The International Symposium on Biodiversity and Evolution of Protozoa (ISBEP) was held at the same time. There were 383 participants coming from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, South Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong present at the congress.    

    A 25-member delegation from Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended this congress. IHB Prof. WANG Jianguo was invited to give a talk about the history of Chinese Protozoological Society, which aroused strong interests among the participants. IHB Associate Profs. XIONG Jie and LONG Huan respectively made oral presentations with the titles of “The genomic landscape and evolution of nuclear dimorphic ciliate Tetrahymena”, "Biogenesis and turnover of ciliary/flagellar membrane” and “Functions of ectosome release in flagellar membrane remodeling and cell-cell communication”. IHB doctoral students JIANG Chuanqi, YANG Wentao, ZHAO Yuanli and several postgraduate students respectively introduced their research during this congress.    

    IHB Profs. LI Lianxiang and WANG Jianguo were granted the first Outstanding Contribution Award by Chinese Protozoological Society. Associate Prof. XIONG Jie was granted the second Science and Technology Prize to Young Scholars of Chinese Protozoological Society. Doctoral students JIANG Chuanqi, YANG Wentao and ZHAO Yuanli were granted the Excellent Oral Presentation Award (First Class) while CHEN Man was granted the Second Class Award. 

    During the conference, the tenth member congress of Chinese Protozoological Society was held and the tenth council members were elected. IHB Prof. YU Yuhe was elected as the honorary president of Chinese Protozoological Society, while Prof. MIAO Wei was elected as the vice president and secretary general. Besides, Prof. HUANG Kaiyao, Associate Profs. ZHANG Jinyong, LI Ming, GONG Yingchun and XIONG Jie were elected as the council members. It was also decided at the congress that the 20th congress of Chinese Protozoological Society will be held in Harbin Normal University in 2019.
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