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  • 2018 Second Seminar of Freshwater Ecology Research Center Held at IHB
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    Professor GUO Yiming from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) gave a presentation during his visit to IHB.

    On March 26th, the Freshwater Ecology Research Center of the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences held the 2nd Seminar in 2018 (Freshwater Ecology Seminars, No. FES201802). The theme of the seminar was "Dynamic Factor Analysis and the Application of the Studies of Comparative Limnology in Water Ecological Environment Rresearch". 

    Professor GUO Yiming from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) was invited to give an academic report. More than 50 scientific researchers and postgraduates from IHB attended the seminar. Prof. Guo's report “The Studies of the Application of Dynamic Factor Analysis in Water Ecological Environment Research” took the Shi-Men Reservoir in Taiwan as an example and used dynamic factor analysis to explore the factors affecting the spatio-temporal variation of algal richness in subtropical reservoirs, and explained in detail the application of dynamic factor analysis. Taking the Gao-Ping River’s estuary in Taiwan as an example, he used the maximum and minimum autocorrelation factor analysis (MAFA) and dynamic factor analysis (DFA) to explore the environmental indicators affecting the change of planktonic algae biomass in the sea area of Gao-Ping River estuary. 

    IHB Associate Prof. WANG Haijun made a report entitled "Study on Steady-State Conversion of Shallow Lakes: Regional Comparison, Long-Term Monitoring, and Whole Ecosystem Experiments". The report pointed out that the shallow lakes currently faced the issue "Steady-state conversion from grass-type clear water to algae-type muddy water". Through the regional comparison and macroscopic research methods of experimental limnology, the occurrence mechanism and threshold of steady-state conversion were revealed. 

    ZHAO Enmin and LIU Wenwen, PhD students of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) respectively gave reports entitled "Analysis of Pollution Sources and Pollution Processes in Suburban Shallow Lakes Based on Statistical Methods" and "Impact of Water Conservancy Projects and Branches on Water Quality in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Han-Jiang River." 

    IHB Ph.D. students YU Qing and MA Shuonan respectively gave reports entitled "High Nitrogen’s Impact on Submerged Macrophytes - Pond Experiment" and "Effect of High Ammonia Nitrogen on Release of Phosphorus from Sediment - Mesoscale Experiments". The participants discussed the application of the MAFA analysis method, the steady-state transformation mechanism and thresholds, the ecological effects of high nitrogen and etc. 

    The series of Freshwater Ecology Seminars are sponsored by Freshwater Ecology Research Center of IHB. Each stage sets specific seminar topics and invites scholars in relevant fields to exchange reports. It aims to enhance young scientists’ awareness of scientific philosophy and methodologies and promote mutual communication and cooperation. 

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