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    President SONG Linsheng of Dalian Ocean University paid a visit to IHB on July 8, 2019.

    On July 8, President SONG Linsheng of Dalian Ocean University paid a visit to Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and gave an oral presentation entitled “The immune defense mechanism of shellfish” for IHB researchers.  

    In his presentation, Professor Song introduced that his team found shellfish also had acquired immune function. He then explained in details the specific role of C-lectin in the immune defense mechanism of oysters, agglutination in shellfish.  

    Lectin in shellfish is not only abundant, but is also diversified in structure and function. Professor Song introduced their important findings in oysters: Caspase 3 had the function of inducing apoptosis in mammals, but inhibited apoptosis in oysters. DM9CP immune recognition factor which is newly found in oysters is a new type of mannose recognition structural protein, and can significantly promote the phagocytosis of immune cells to microbiology.  

    The interactions between the shellfish pattern recognition receptor PRRs is also explained in Professor Song’s presentation.

    Towards the end, he introduced the establishment and application platform for the shellfish disease warning and forecasting system. 

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