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    Professor HUANG Li from Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited to Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for academic exchange on January 2, 2020. During his visit, he gave a presentation entitled "archaea virus" to IHB researchers and students.

    In his presentation, Prof. Huang first introduced the origin, classification and morphology of the archaea virus. The known archaea viruses are only the tip of the iceberg. Archaea viruses have unique and diverse forms and most of their gene functions are unknown. Besides the interaction between archaea viruses and their hosts is poorly understood. Therefore, archaea viruses are the inventors of biological mechanisms and rich repositories of genetic elements.

    Prof. Huang’s team conducted studies on Sulfolobus tengchongensis spindle-shaped virus 1 (STSV1), Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 19-22 (ssv19-22), and Sulfolobus Ellipsoid virus 1, SEV1. So he specifically introduced these above-mentioned three research objects of his team.

    He also appealed for more research devoted to the study of archaea viruses.

    Professor Huang has long-term commitment to the archaea and its environmental adaptation mechanism besides the genetic mechanism of extreme thermophilic archaea. A number of important achievements have been made in the chromosomal structure and thermal stability of extreme thermophilic archaea, DNA replication and regulation, and thermophilic archaea viruses. He published papers in important journals including Mol Microbiol, Nucleic acid Res, J Bacteriol, J Biol Chem, J Virol.

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