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  • Prof. Ho-Sung Yoon from Kyungpook National University Visits IHB
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    Prof. Ho-Sung Yoon from Kyungpook National University in Korea visited IHB on May 3rd, 2017.

    Prof. Ho-Sung Yoon from Kyungpook National University in Korea was invited to visit Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences on May 3rd, 2017. During his visit, he gave an oral presentation with the title of “Outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae under Korean weather condition”. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Kangsup Yoon from the Center for Microalgal Biotechnology and Biofuels at IHB.  

    Prof. Ho-sung Yoon presented the lecture around the theme of the present situation and the demand of Korean microalgal industry. He focused on the introduction of isolation and purification of microalgae, clone and transformation of important gene, outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae, and microalgae high value-added products. The report gave attendees a comprehensive understanding of the industrialization chain of the large-scale cultivation of microalgae under different climate conditions.  

    In the Q&A session, Prof. Yoon discussed the following issues, such as “the protective effect of C-phycocyanin on the ototoxicity induced by cis-platinum”, “degradation condition of macromolecular substance in the microalgae cell “ , and “what is most relevant to the plankton pollution during the process of microalgal large scale cultivation ”.  

    Ho-Sung Yoon is the chief director of Advanced Bio-resource Research Center at Kyungpook National University. His research team has been running the 1st and biggest outdoor microalgae mass cultivation facilities in Korea since 2010. His current research topics are “bioenergy and high value material production from Korean domestic microalgae” and “efficient waste water treatment and CO2 absorption during the mass cultivation”. 

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