Center for Algal Biology and Applied Research

Research Group of Algal Biology of Particular Environment




PI: Prof. HU Chunxiang, PhD

Members: Shubin Lan, Si Shen 

Contact Us:  

Tel: 86-27-68780866 


General Introduction:  

The Research Group of Algal Biology of Particular Environment is the first scientific research team engaged in the research of biological soil crusts in China. It has systematically studied the species composition, ecological distribution, environmental adaptation of soil (especially dryland) cyanobacteria and algae, and particularly their cementation roles in the formation of biological soil crusts.  

The research team has established a standard method for determining the sand-fixing capacity of desert cyanobacteria, and initiated their comprehensive utilization for the restoration of degraded soil ecosystems.  

This group has undertaken projects supported by the Science and Technology Special Basic Work Project, National 863 program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Special Fund for Forest Scientific Research in the Public Welfare, and Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The obtained achievements include nine national authorized invention patents, one provincial Natural Science Award, two provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, and more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers.  

Main research Interests:  

* Diversity and environmental adaptability of cyanobacteria/microalgae in special habitats. Based on some special habitats such as deserts, hot springs, saline alkali lands and eutrophic water bodies, they are interested in the composition and diversity of cyanobacteria/microalgae in these habitats. They use traditional morphological observation and molecular biological techniques, combined with lab and field physiological and ecological experiments, to reveal the environmental adaptation mechanism of cyanobacteria/microalgae in various habitats. 

* Screening and application of cyanobacteria/microalgae resources in special habitats. Based on the special habitats, they aim to screen and cultivate the excellent cyanobacteria/microalgae, in order to accumulate the target compounds (such as lipids EPA DHA and polysaccharides), and explore their resource allocation patterns and metabolic mechanism.  

* Formation mechanism and application of induced biological soil crusts. They are interested in investigating the adaptive mechanism and action principle of desert cyanobacteria in formation, development and succession of induced biological soil crusts, and explore its application in the restoration of degraded soil ecosystems. 

Recent Publications

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