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Research Group of Biology of Harmful Algae




Members: Zhongxin Wu, Gongliang Yu 

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Tel: 86-27-68780080(lab) 

Fax: 86-27-68780123 

General Introduction:  

The Research Group of Biology of Harmful Algae mainly addresses issues on cyanobacterial biology and ecology on Earth, particularly on the scientific questions about cyanobacterial biodiversity and taxonomy, ecosystem functionalities of terrestrial cyanobacteria and their evolutionary adaptation, the causality and mechanisms of freshwater cyanobacterial blooming, and the biogeography and environmental impacts of harmful secondary metabolites of bloom forming cyanobacteria.  

They also focus on the technology of environmental remote sensing, the development of relative equipment, and its applications on the environmental monitoring of cyanobacterial blooming. In recent years, their works are supported by the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the 973 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

Recent Publications:  

Lin S., Wu Z., Yu G., Zhu M., Yu B. and Li R.* 2009.Genetic Diversity and Molecular Phylogeny of Planktothrix (Oscillatoriales, Cyanobacteria) Strains from China. Harmful Algae (In press).  

Wu Z. and Li R*. 2009. Physiological comparison of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii with Microcystis aeruginosa and Aphanizomenon flos-aqaue. Harmful Algae (In press)  

Shao J., Wu X. and Li R*. 2009. Physiological Responses of Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806 to Nonanoic Acid Stress. Environmental Toxicology (in Press)  

Shao J., Wu Z.,Yu G., Peng X. and Li R*. 2009.Allelopathic mechanism of pyrogallol to Microcystis aeruginosaPCC7806 (Cyanobacteria): From views of gene expression and antioxidant system. Chemosphere 75:924-928  

Gao E., Yuan X., Li R*. and Zhang Q. 2009. Isolation of a novel cyanophage infectious to the filamentous cyanobacterium Planktothrix agardhii (Cyanophyceae) from Lake Donghu, China. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 54:163-170 

Li, R*., Wilhelm, S. W., Carmichael, W. W. and Watanabe, M. M. 2008. The morphological, physiological, biochemical and molecular characterization of two strains of Raphidiopsis (Cyanobacteria) from a fishpond in central China. Harmful Algae 7:146-153 

Wu, Z., Song, L. and Li, R*. 2008. Different tolerance and responses to low temperature and  darkness between waterbloom forming cyanobacterium Microcystis and a green alga Scenedesmus. Hydrobiologia 59647-55  

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