Center for Aquatic Biodiversity and Resource Conservation

Research Group of Fish Ecology and Resources Conservation


PI: Prof. LIU Huanzhang, PhD

Members: Wenxuan Cao (Professor, Academician), Jianwei Wang (Professor), Deqing Tan (Associate professor), Zhonghua Duan (Associate professor), Zhiguo Miao, Shan Chen, Futie Zhang, Xin Gao, Zhuo Xiao
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General Introduction:  

The Research Group of Fish Ecology and Resources Conservation conducts long-term researches on fish ecology and conservation biology in the Yangtze River Basin. Its research interests lie in fish biology, population ecology, community ecology, conservation genetics, toxicology, etc. It also pays attention to the application of new theories, such as metacommunity and regime shift, and new techniques, such as environmental DNA, hydroacoustics and remote sensing.  


Current research interests: 

* Reproductive environmental conditions, population dynamics, population genetic diversity and mating strategies of rare fish like Chinese sturgeon 

* Reproductive status and environmental conditions of the four Chinese major carps in the Yangtze River 

* Influence of the Three Gorges Project and other large dams on the fish in the Yangtze River and conservation measures 

* Mechanism of fish community assembly in the huge lakes connected to the main stream and ecological restoration for the disconnected lakes in the middle-lower Yangtze River basin.  

* Structure, function and process of the Chishui river ecosystem, basic biological traits and ecological evolutionary dynamics of the endemic fish in the upper Yangtze 

* Artificial reproduction and population restoration of the endemic fish in the upper Yangtze 

* Effects of environmental changes on fish community 

* Researches on Gobiocypris rarus, a small cyprinid fish and an experimental animal endemic to China, including the cultivation of various strains, environmental chemical tests and response mechanism, genetic manipulation of gene function, etc.