Center for Aquatic Biodiversity and Resource Conservation

Research Group of Fish Phylogenetics and Biogeography


PI: Prof. HE Shunping, PhD 

WANG Xuzhen, Ph.D & Associate Professor 

GAN Xiaoni, Master Degree & Experimentalist 

Ph.D. student: WANG Dengqiang, CHEN Ming, TONG Chaobo, ZHONG Lei, GUO Baocheng, ZOU Ming, TAO Wenjing, CHI Wei. 

M.Sc. student: FU Beide, FANG Chengchi, YU MeiLing, DAI Wei, FAN Qi. 

Contact Us: Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Add: No.7 Donghu Nanlu, Wuhan Hbuei, 430072, China 

Tel: +86-27-68780430   Fax: +86-27-68780071 


General Introduction: 

Research interests of the Research Group of Fish Phylogenetics and Biogeography encompass phylogenetics, molecular and genome evolution, speciation, and phenotypic evolution of fishes. Researchers from this group use a diverse set of technologies and approaches to explore several fundamental issues in the phylogenetic relationships and biodiversity of fishes over evolution time, study their gene/genome evolution and morphological change as well as their evolutionary interconnections, with special focuses on Cypriniformes, Siluriformes, Tetraodontiform, and ancient fishes.  

Current Research Interests:  

* Fish phylogenetics/phylogenomics, speciation, and biogeography 

* Fish adaptive genomics 

* Short interspersed repetitive elements (SINEs) and their evolutionary pattern in fish 

* Gene and gene family evolution in fish (e.g., retrogene, Hox gene) 

* Fish morphological differentiation and its developmental basis within a phylogenetic framework (e.g., pharyngeal genesis) 

Recent Publications: 

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