Center for Aquatic Biodiversity and Resource Conservation

Research Group of Fish Behavior and Evolution



PI: Prof. LIU Huanzhang, PhD

Members: Prof. Huanzhang Liu, Assistant Prof. Qiongying Tang 

Graduate students: Yu Zeng, Yuyu Xiong, Caiping Liao, Qing Yang, Dan Yu, Siqing Liu, Peilin Cheng  

Contact Us:  

Tel: +86-27-68780776,  Fax: +86-27-68780049 

General Introduction:  

Researches of our group mainly focused on two aspects: fish behavior and fish evolutionary biology. For fish behavior, by using bitterling fish, Chinese perch and other cyprinid fishes as model, we study their mating, feeding, and learning behavior, and behavior development as well, with the aim to understand the general laws in animal behavior and for better conservation of fishes. For fish evolutionary biology, our specific research interests are in the origin and evolution of East Asian freshwater fishes. By integrating both molecular and morphological data and by using molecular phylogenetic analysis, phylogenetic comparative methods, we reconstruct phylogenetic relationships of East Asian freshwater fishes, especially the cypriniforms, and study the pattern and process of their speciation, the phenetic and genetic changes through time and space, the tempo and mode of evolution. 

The ongoing projects include Formation and evolution of transpacific fish fauna, "Coevolution between bitterlings and mussels, "Evolutionary pattern and geological background of East Asian major freshwater fishes since Late Mesozoic, "Cypriniformes: Tree of Life, "Molecular phylogeny and speciation of Balitoridae (Teleostei: Cypriniformes)”, etc.   

Recent Publications:  


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