Center for Fish Biology and Fishery Biotechnology

Research Group of Fish Comparative Immunology and Healthy Aquaculture



PI: Prof. CHANG Mingxian, PhD 

Chief Members: Professor: LI Aihua; Assistant Professor: Dr. ZHANG Jie; Experimentalist: ZHANG Qianqian; Postdoctoral student: WU Xiaoman  

Contact Us:  

Tel: +86-27-68780760 


General Introduction: 

Research Group of Fish Comparative Immunology and Healthy Aquaculture has broad interest in fish immunology, molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, innate immune responses against pathogen infection, the mechanisms of pathogen clearance by innate immune receptors, the occurrence and development mechanisms of aquatic economic animal diseases.  

Current Research Interests:  

* Molecular mechanisms of innate immune recognition and signal transduction 

* Functional comparisons of innate immune signaling pathways in vertebrates 

* Immune-evading mechanisms of pathogens 

* The effects of interaction among metabolism, immunity and pathogen on the occurrence of aquatic economic animal diseases 


Recent publications: 

1.   Yang YY, Zheng SY, Fang H, Wu XM, Zhang J, Chang MX*. Immunoprotective Effects of Two Histone H2A Variants in the Grass Carp Against Flavobacterium columnare Infection. Frontiers in Immunology. 2022, 13: 939464. 

2.   Fang H, Yang YY, Wu XM, Zheng SY, Song YJ, Zhang J, Chang MX*. Effects and Molecular Regulation Mechanisms of Salinity Stress on the Health and Disease Resistance of Grass Carp. Frontiers in Immunology. 2022, 13:917497. 

3.  Zhang J, Man Wu X, Fang Q, Bi YH, Nie P, Chang MX*. Grass Carp Reovirus Nonstructural Proteins Avoid Host Antiviral Immune Response by Targeting the RLR Signaling Pathway. Journal of Immunology. 2022, 208(3):707-719.  

4.  Xiong F, Cao L, Xiong J, Wu YF, Huang WS, Chang MX*. Time-resolved and multi-tissue RNAseq provides new insights on the immune responses of European eels following infection with Aeromonas hydrophila. Water Biology and Security. 2022,1: 100003. 

5.  Hao Sun, Huina Zheng, Yiwei Jiang, Jinchang Liang, Baolin Liao, Ruixuan Wang, Aihua Li*, Baohua Xiao*. Elevated temperature alters bacterial community composition and metabolism in seawaters of coral reef ecosystem: An evidence of laboratory experiment with Acropora digitifera bleaching. Ecological Indicators. 2022: 139, 108886. 

6.  Lin, Yaoyao, Jicheng Yang, Zhenbing Wu, Qianqian Zhang, Shuyi Wang, Jingwen Hao, Lijian Ouyang*, Aihua Li*. Establishment of Epidemiological Resistance Cut-Off Values of Aquatic Aeromonas to Eight Antimicrobial Agents. Microorganisms, 2022, 10: 776. 

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