Center for Fish Biology and Fishery Biotechnology

Research Group of Fish Developmental Biotechnology




PI: Prof. SUN Yonghua, PhD


Prof. Zuoyan ZHU (Academician of CAS), Prof. Yonghua SUN, Mr. Kuoyu LI (National Zebrafish Resource Center) 

PhD students: Feng XIONG, Changyong WEI, Shaochen PANG, Mudan HE, Liqun YU 

MSc students: Mingyu YANG, Zhiqiang WEI, Hualin WANG, Xiaofan ZHANG, Undergraduate student: Kimberly Toomire 

Contact Us:  

Office:  86-27-68780235 (Prof. Yonghua Sun) 

Lab:  86-27-68780935 

General Introduction:  

Efficient breeding and superior breeds are the premise of sustainable aquaculture. The Research Group of Fish Development and Biotechnology is devoted to the study of fish germ cell development and cutting-edge breeding biotechnology.  

Their research interest is to systematically understand the molecular mechanism of oocyte maturation, egg quality and early embryogenesis, and early gonadal differentiation, from multi-dimensional aspects, including the transcriptional regulation and translation control of maternal factors, and biosynthesis and metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids as well. They also aim to develop rapid and directional breeding technologies, such as genome editing and surrogate reproduction of fishes, etc., to finally generate genetic broodstock with high yield and high quality. 

This group has established a variety of research techniques related to genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, bio-imaging, and multi-omics, and has made significant progress on the basic study of germ cell development and early embryogenesis, large-scale construction of genetic models, and the development of cutting-edge breeding biotechnologies such as surrogate production of genome-edited gametes.  

They have published over 80 articles in reputable journals such as Genome Research, PLOS Biology, Nature Communications, PLOS Genetics, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Endocrinology, Cell Research, Journal of Genetics and Genomics, Science Bulletin. They are currently undertaking research projects from the National Key R&D Program of China, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the Science Fund for Innovation Research Groups of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences etc. 

Former graduate students: Desheng PEI (Harvard University, Post-doc), Na WANG (Yellow Sea Research Institute, Associate Investigator), Jing LIU (Oil Crops Research Institute, Associate Investigator), Chunhong CHEN (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Post-doc), Yanwu WANG (Wuhan University, Lecture), Zirong GU (Cincinnati Children's Hospital, PhD candidate), Ishtiaq A. S. Ahmed (Indiana University, Post-doc). 

Recent Publications:  

1. Ishtiaq Ahmed, A.S., Xiong, F., Pang, S.C., He, M.D., Waters, M.J., Zhu, Z.Y., Sun, Y.H.*, 2011a. Activation of GH signaling and GH-independent stimulation of growth in zebrafish by introduction of a constitutively activated GHR construct. Transgenic Res 20, 557-567. 

2. Ishtiaq Ahmed, A.S., Yu, L.Q., Zhu, Z.Y., Sun, Y.H.*, 2011b. Comparative expression analysis of GHR signaling related factors in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and an in vivo model to study GHR signaling. Acta Hydrobiol Sinica 35, 727-738. 

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Book chapters: 

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