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Research Group of Fish Gene-Engineering




PI: Prof. HU Wei, PhD

Members: Prof. Zuoyan Zhu, Academician of CAS; Prof. Wei Hu; Dr. Ji Chen; Dr. Yanlong Song and Dr. Binbin Tao, etc   

Contact Us:  

Tel: 86-27-68780051 

E-mail: huwei (AT)   

General Introduction:  

The study of the Research Group of Fish Gene-Engineering originated from the well-known experiment of fish nuclear transplantation in the 1970s. Led by late Prof. TONG Dizhou (CAS member), or Tung TC, a famous experimental embryologist in China, Prof. ZHU Zuoyan (CAS member) and his colleagues transferred blastula nuclei of common carp into the enucleated eggs of crucian carp and generated the first ever cloned vertebrate developed from a ‘hybrid egg’, i.e., an egg whose cytoplasm and nucleus were from different species.  

In the early 1980s, Prof. Zhu successfully produced the first batch of fast-growing transgenic fish in the world, which subsequently led to a new era of fish transgenic breeding. The two achievements mentioned above have been included in the esteemed textbook The Timetables of Science: A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Science (Edited by A. Hellemans & B. Bunch, 1991, Publisher: Simon & Schuster).  

In recent years, researchers from this group uncovered the new functions and underlying mechanism of a variety of genes in fish reproductive development and sex differentiation; established a robust platform suitable for genomic manipulation in aquaculture fish; developed a controllable on-off strategy for the reproductive containment of fish; and cooperated to produce growth-enhanced “all-fish” GH-transgenic common carp and a completely sterile GH transgenic triploid carp.  

Current research interests:  

* Molecular hybridization (i.e. transgene) and molecular mutation (i.e. gene editing) of commercial fish such as common carp and ricefield eel 

* Developmental biology of model fish (zebrafish and medaka), including verifying the function of genes associated with important commercial characters in fish 

* Uncovering the mechanism underlying fish reproductive development, sex determination and differentiation, natural sex reversal 

* Establishing reproductive manipulation and sex-controlled breeding techniques in fish 

Recent Publications:  


1.      Xia H, Zhong C, Wu X, Chen J, Tao B, Xia X, Shi M, Zhu Z, Trudeau VL, Hu W. Mettl3 mutation disrupts gamete maturation and reduces fertility in zebrafish. Genetics, 2018, 208: 729-743. (spotlight in the carousel) 

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Our team have been issued 3 patents by United States Patent and Trademark Office, and issued 5 patents by China Patent and Trademark Office. 

1.         Hu Wei, Zhang Yunsheng, Dai Jun and Zhu Zuoyan. Controllable on-off method for fish reproduction. United States Patent and Trademark Office2015US 9187764 B2 

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