Center for Fish Biology and Fishery Biotechnology

Research Group of Fish Developmental Genetics and Cell Engineering


PI: Prof. GUI Jianfang (CAS member) 

Chief members: ZHOU Li (Pro./Dr.), WANG Zhongwei (Pro./Dr.), TONG Jingou (Pro./Dr.), WANG Yang (Research associate), LI Xiyin (Research associate), LI Zhi (senior experimentalist), ZHANG Xiaojuan (Research Assistant)

Contact Us: 

Tel: 86-27-68780707 


General Introduction: 

Researches in this group are concentrated on three aspects. The first is attempting to reveal genetic basis of important economic traits in fish, focusing on gametogenesis and gynogenesis, sex determination and differentiation, immunity and disease resistance, and goldfish morphological diversity, and to develop biotechnologies of sex control and key gene editing-based breeding. The second is to integrate and reshape the genomes of polyploid fish, to reveal the genetic mechanisms on economic trait improvement in aquaculture fish caused by genome or sub-genome integration, and thereby to develop new biotechnologies of polyploidy and mono-sex breeding. The third is to create germplasm with excellent economic traits, to breed novel varieties of aquatic animals via genome wide selection, genome integration and reconstruction, gene edit, or sex control breeding techniques, and to apply novel varieties throughout the country.  

Recent Publication 

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