Center for Fish Biology and Fishery Biotechnology

Research Group of Healthy Aquaculture




PI: Prof. LI Aihua, PhD

Members: Dr. ZHANG Jinyong, GONG Xiaoning, etc.   

General Introduction: 

The main research areas of the Research Group of Healthy Aquaculture are the pathogenesis of bacterial diseases of aquatic economic animals and their immunological and ecological disease prevention technology. Its objective is to provide technologies and products for the prevention and control of aquacultured animal diseases in order to improve the disease resistance of farmed animals, to reduce the incidence of diseases so as to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals in aquaculture, and to provide the theoretical basis and technical guarantee for the establishment of pollution-free, high-quality and efficient fishery model in China. 

Specific research directions: starting from the relationship between aquatic economic animals, pathogens and environment, the following aspects of research are carried out for important bacterial diseases. 

*    Identification and molecular pathogenic mechanisms of pathogens of emerging infectious diseases. 

*     The etiology and epidemiology of the bacterial diseases. 

*     Rapid disease diagnosis technology. 

*     Environmental regulation and immunological control technology research and development of bacterial diseases. 

*     The relationship between microbiota and aquatic animal health. 

*     Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of aquatic bacteria and its epidemiology. 

*     Research and development of alternatives to antibiotics. 

Recent Publications:  

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