Center for Fish Biology and Fishery Biotechnology

Research Group of Fish Immunology and Parasitology


PI: Prof. NIE Pin, PhD

Members: Drs. Gao Qian, Chang Mingxian, Xie Haixie and Li Nan, and Mr. Yao Weijian. 

Contact Us:  

Tel (within PRC): 027 68780736 (68780005),  

Tel (outside PRC): +86 27 68780736 (68780005),  


Room: New Laboratory Building 504-509 

General Introduction: 


The Research Group of Fish Immunology and Parasitology is mainly engaged with interests in basic and applied research on lower vertebrate immune system and fish bacterial pathogens, and in creating theoretical and practical measures for the development of vaccines in the prevention and control of fish diseases.  

Research areas of this group include molecular and cellular characterizations of fish immune system, and in particular the pattern recognition receptors of fish, the interferon system in lower vertebrates, with recent studies being focused on the diversity and immune function of IFNs. The dissection of secretion systems, including type III, type VI, and type IX in fish pathogenic bacteria, Edwardsiella spp. and Flavobacterium columnare has been the research interests and goals of the group, with the investigation into their effectors and their pathogenesis at molecular level.  

The genetic variations of parasites at population or species levels and their coevolution with hosts are also of their interests of research.