Center for Freshwater Ecology

Research Group of Aquatic Ecosystems Health


PI: Prof. CHEN Yushun, PhD 

Group Members  

Yushun Chen, Longgen Guo, Wei Xin, Xiao Qu, Wenqi Gao, Piao Sheng, Zhongyang Li, Jiansong Qiu, Zhining Shi, Bo Yang, Wenxia Fan, Wenting Li, Haifeng Hu   


Office: 86-27-68780161   


Mailing address: 7 South Donghu Road, Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS, Wuhan, Hubei 430072, China    

About our group:   

Our group mainly focuses on large scale aquatic ecological studies, conducts long-term field sampling and investigation, field manipulative experiments, laboratory experiments and analyses, and computer and statistical modeling, to investigate effects of anthropogenic stressors and climate change on fish and other aquatic communities, water quality , habitat, and aquatic ecosystems health assessment and restorations in lakes, streams and rivers, and human modified aquatic ecosystems, and understand their disturbance mechanisms and ecological restoration strategies to meet clean water, biodiversity, healthy ecosystems, and sustainable human development.     

Recent research interests include:   

1. Watershed development and disturbance (e.g., water related engineering projects, urbanization, agriculture, fishing activities), climate change, and aquatic ecosystem responses, mechanisms, and ecological restorations;     

2. Aquatic ecosystem health monitoring, assessment, and restoration;   

3. Regional and large scale comparative ecology: for instance, anthropogenic disturbance, climate change, aquatic resources conservation, and habitat restorations between the Mississippi-Yangtze River Basins.    

Selected recent publications:   


Chen, Y., Chapman, D. C., Jackson, J. R., Chen, D., Li, Z., Kilgore, K. J., Phelps, Q., Eggleton, M. A. editors. 2016. Fisheries resources, environment, and conservation in the Mississippi and Yangtze (Changjiang) River basins. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 84, Bethesda, Maryland.   


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