Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aquatic Organisms

Research Group of Fish Hypoxia Biology




PI: Prof. XIAO Wuhan, PhD

Members: Xing Liu, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Jing Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Gang Ouyang, M.S. Lab Manager.

Contact Us: 86-27-68780087 (office), 86-27-68780092 (lab)

General Introduction:  The Research Group of Fish Hypoxia Biology mainly uses economic fish and model fish (Zebrafish) as research materials.  

By gene editing, gene regulation, protein/protein interaction and gene function analysis (in vitro and in vivo) , they aim to investigate fish in hypoxia tolerance and adaptation, innate immunity in response to viral infection and try to demonstrate the molecular mechanisms of the crosstalk between hypoxia signaling pathway and antiviral innate immunity signaling pathway.  

They seek to establish a foundation for molecular designing new fish strains with hypoxia tolerance and antiviral infection.  

Current research interests:  

Molecular mechanisms of fish in hypoxia tolerance and the genetic basis in breeding new fish strains with hypoxia tolerance 

*  Molecular mechanisms of fish in antiviral infection and the genetic basis in breeding new fish strains with antiviral infection 

*  Molecular mechanisms of the crosstalk between hypoxia signaling pathway and antiviral innate immunity    

Selected Publications (*corresponding author) : 


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