Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aquatic Organisms

Research Group of Fish Molecular Endocrinology




PI: Prof. YIN Zhan, PhD

Members: Jiangyan He (M.Sc., Associate Professor) 

     Qiyong Lou (Assistant Professor) 

     Gang Zhai (Assistant Professor) 

                   Xia Jin (Experimentalist) 

Contact Us:  

Zhan Yin: 86-27-68780069 (Telephone and Fax, Office) 

     86-27-68780082 (Telephone) 

General Introduction:  

The Research Group of Fish Molecular Endocrinology is interested in the use of zebrafish as model to study molecular endocrine pathways involved in somatic growth, metabolism and sexual development in cyprinids fish, including growth hormone, myostatin, Insulin/PI3K/Akt signaling, Pomc signaling, thyroid hormone and sex steroids signaling.  

To elucidate the role of these pathways in the effector organs (such as liver, muscle, adrenal gland, and gonad), the energy homeostasis and nutrient utilization, stress and ingestion, gonadal development and differentiation, as well as the sexual dimorphic in metabolism were investigated.  

Meanwhile, the molecular marker-assisted genetic selection and breeding, as well as gene editing-mediated precious endocrinology screening were applied to farmed fish, Yellow river Carp and Crucian Carp. The fish lines generated in their lab are with elevated feed conversion efficiency or fast growth in sex biased population or enhanced muscular growth show high potential in future sustainable fisheries.  

Their research works were published in Cell Reports, Science Bulletin, Redox Biology, Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular and Cell Biology etc. The group leader, Professor YIN Zhan was funded by the National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Pilot Program (A Project) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Recent Publications:  

1.        Gao Y, Dai Z, Shi C, Zhai G, Jin X, He J, Lou Q and Yin Z* (2016) Depletion of Myostatin b Promotes somatic growth and lipid Metabolism in Zebrafsh Front. Endocrinol. 7:88. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2016.00088. 

2.        Gang Zhai, Tingting Shu, Yuguo Xia, Xia Jin, Jiangyan He and Zhan Yin* 2016Androgen signaling regulates the transcription of anti-Müllerian hormone via synergy with SRY-Related Protein SOX9A  Science BulletinIn Press. 

3.        Yuqin Shu , Qiyong Lou, Ziru Dai, Xiangyan Dai, Jiangyan He, Wei Hu & Zhan Yin * 2016 The basal function of teleost prolactin as a key regulator on ion uptake identified with zebrafish knockout models  Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 18597 (2016) 

4.        Dai Z, Wang H, Jin X, Wang H, He J, Liu M, Yin Z, Sun Y, Lou Q. 2015 Depletion of suppressor of cytokine signaling-1a causes hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance in zebrafish. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2015 May 15;308(10):E849-59. doi: 10.1152/ajpendo.00540.2014. Epub 2015 Mar 10. 

5.        Dai X, Jin X, Chen X, He J, Yin Z*. 2015 Sufficient numbers of early germ cells are essential for female sex development in zebrafish. PLoS One. 2015 Feb 13;10(2):e0117824. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0117824. eCollection 2015. 

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11.    Zhai, G., Gu, Q., He, J., Lou, Q., Chen, X., Jin, X., Bi, E., Yin, Z.* 2014. Sept6 is required for ciliogenesis in Kupffer's vesicle, pronephros and neural tube during early embryonic development. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 34(7): 1310-1321.   

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