Center for Water Environment Engineering

Research Group of Environmental Microbiology Engineering



PI: Prof. LIANG Wei, PhD


Dr./Assistant Prof. Liu Biyun 

Ph.D candidates: Chang Junjun(2007), Dai Yanran(2008) 

Master candidates: Wu Suqing(2009), Jia Chenrong(2010), Tang Haibin(2011)  

Graduated postgraduate: Chai Peihong(2011) 

Contact Us: Prof. Liang Wei( & ) 

Institute of Hydrobiology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 

7# South Donghu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430072, China 

Tel: +86-27-68780951 

General Introduction:  

The Research Group of Environmental Microbiology Engineering, founded in August 2010, mainly focuses on the science and engineering application of ecological restoration of polluted water bodies, constructed wetlands and their hybrid processes, remediation of contaminated sediment/soil, as well as environmental microbiological engineering.  

So far, this group has published dozens of research papers in international scientific journals, including Science of Total Environment, Chemosphere, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering. Additionally, they hold more than ten authorized patents and have undertaken or been involved in various research and engineering projects.  

Their main sources of funds are Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and Treatment during the 11th, 12th & 13th Five-year Plan, National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Key Research and Development Program of China , National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Research and Development Project of Zhejiang Province, Academy-Locality Cooperation project.  

Main engineering projects: 

* Tangshan Waterway Management project 

* Comprehensive management project of Liaofang Reservoir Branch (Nancheng, Jiangxi),  

* Restoration and Construction of Xiaomei River Wetland (Liaocheng, Shandong),  

* Advanced Treatment project of Tail Water from Tangxi River sewage plant (Hefei, Anhui)  

* Ecological Restoration project of West Lake (Huizhou, Guangdong) 

Recent Publications:  

1. Dai Yanran, Jia Chenrong, Hu Shenghua, Liang Wei*, Wu Zhenbin. Effects of submerged macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum L. on restoration of a eutrophic waterbody and its optimal coverage. Ecological Engineering. 2012.40:113-116. (SCI) 

2. Fei Zhong, Wei Liang*, Tao Yu, Shuiping Cheng, Feng He, Zhenbin Wu*. Nitrogen Removal Efficiency and Balance in a Recirculating Aquaculture System. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering. 2011, 46:789-794. (SCI)  

3.  Chang Jun-jun, Liang Wei*, Xiao En-rong,Wu Zhen-bin. Effect of intermittent aeration on the microbial community structure of activated sludge in a submerged membrane bioreactor. Water and Environment Journal. 2011, 25:214-218. (SCI)  

4. Chang Jun-jun, Yuan Li-ying, Xiao En-rong, Liang Zhen, Liang Wei*, Wu Zhen-bin. Effect of a Low Concentration of Aluminum Sulfate Addition on Treatment Performance of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor. Desalination and Water Treatment. 2011,29: 181-186. (SCI)  

5. Dai Yanran,Chai Peihong, Chang Junjun, Liang Wei*, Wu Zhen-bin. Effects of sunning on the sediment and overlying water. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2011, 20(2): 363-366. (SCI)  

6. Yansong Hou, Wei Liang*, Liping Zhang, Shuiping Cheng, Feng He , Zhenbin Wu*. Freshwater algae chemotaxonomy by high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) analysis. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China. 2011, 5(1): 84-91. (SCI)  

7. Wei Liang, Hong-ying Hu, Song Yu-dong, Hui Wang, Yu-feng Guo. Effects of thiamine on treatment performance of textile wastewater. Desaltination. 2009. 242(1-3): 110-114. (SCI)  

8.   Wei Liang, Deng Jia-qi, Zhan Fa-cui, Zhen-bin Wu. Effects of Constructed Wetland System on the Removal of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). Microbiological Research. 2009. 164:206-211. (SCI)  

9. Liang Wei, Hu Hong-ying, Song Yu-dong, Wang Hui, Guo Yu-feng, Che Yu-ling. Micronutrient Niacin Addition to Enhance Biological Treatment of Textile Wastewater. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2007. 16(4):393-396. (SCI) 

10. Wei Liang, Hong-ying Hu, Hui Wang, Yu-feng Guo, Yu-dong Song, Yu-ling Che. Effects of Micronutrients on Biological Treatment Efficiency of Textile Wastewater. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2007. 16(12a):1578-1582 (SCI)  

11. Liang Wei, Wu Zhen-bin, Zhan Fa-cui, Deng Jia-qi. Relationships between Microorganism Population and Urease Activities in the Macrophytes Root-zone and the Purification Efficiency of Wastewater in a Constructed Wetland System. Pedosphere. 2004, 14(3): 401-404. (SCI). 

12. Wei Liang, Zhen-bin Wu, Shui-ping Cheng, Qiao-hong Zhou, Hong-ying Hu. Roles of substrate microorganisms and urease activities in wastewater purification in a constructed wetland system. Ecological Engineering. 2003, 21(2-3):191-195(SCI). 

13.  En-Rong Xiao, Wei Liang, Zhen-Bin Wu, Shui-Ping Cheng, Feng He. Performance of the combined SMBR-IVCW system for wastewater treatment. Desaltination. 2010. 250(2): 781-786. (SCI)  

14. Wu juan, Cheng Shuiping, Liang Wei, He Feng, Wu Zhenbin. Effects of sediment anoxia and light on turion germi and early growth of Potamogeton crispus. Hydrobiologia. 2009,628:111-119. (SCI)