Center for Water Environment Engineering

Research Group of Environmental Biology of Algae




PI: Prof. LI Dunhai, PhD

Members:Prof. Dunhai Li, Prof. Gaohong WangAssociate Prof. Genbao Li, Dr. ZhicongWang, Dr. Chengrong Peng, and Dr. Xiaoyan Li. 



Tel: 027-68780715 

General Introduction: 

In view of the current major environmental problems and national needs, the Research Group of Environmental Biology of Algae focuses on the research of algae physiology and ecology, and is committed to the research of environmental biology of algae and the restoration technology of deteriorated ecosystems.  

Major research directions:  

* Environmental biology of freshwater algae and terrestrial algae. The main research interests include: occurrence mechanism of cyanobacterial blooms; physiological ecology of phytoplankton, filamentous green algae and soil algae; environmental biology of algae in polluted soil; ecological effects of secondary metabolites of algae; and the role and mechanism of freshwater algal biofilm in biogeochemical cycle 

* Theory and technology of deteriorated ecosystem restoration. The main research interests include: pollution control of violent algal proliferation (including cyanobacterial blooms, filamentous green algal blooms and attached algae); ecological restoration based on algae control and application; and ecological restoration of degraded and polluted soils.      

Application of algae in agricultural activities. The main research interests include: the mechanism and application of nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria in improving fertility of dysfunctional soils; the application of algal primary productivity regulation in ecological fishery. With the support of national and local government projects, this group has established several ecological restoration technology demonstration areas in Wuxi Taihu Lake, Hefei Chaohu Lake, Kunming Dianchi Lake, Dali Erhai Lake and the Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia. 

Recent Publications: 


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