Center for Water Environment Engineering

Research Group of Algal Stress Physiology and Space Biology




PI:  Prof. WANG Gaohong, PhD 

Members: Dr. LI Xiaoyan, PENG Tingting  

Contact Us:  

E-mail address:  ghwang(AT)

Office phone number:  86-27-68780036

General Introduction: 

This research group is devoted to the combination of basic theory and applied research of algae biology (R&D). We mainly use bioinformatics, molecular biology and bioengineering technology to study the biological regulation mechanism of algae adapting to extreme environment, excavate algae biological resources, and develop key technologies applied in the field of space biology and algae control in polluted water bodies. This research group is supported by the Chinese National Science and Technology Major Project, the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Natural Science Foundation of China and the Project of Chinese Manned Spaceflight. 

Research Areas: 

1) Environmental biology: mainly using high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics and molecular biology technologies to study the molecular response mechanism of aquatic organisms represented by algae under various stresses (hot shock, high salt and UV, etc.), focusing on signal transduction pathways and epigenetic regulation; 

2) Space biology: to study adaptation mechanisms of aquatic organisms to spaceflight environment and to construct the closed life support system with aquatic organisms to provide oxygen and food for astronaut;  

3) Utilization of algal biomass resources: research on extraction of algal bio-active products, biomass resource conversion and high-value product development. 


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