Center for Water Environment Engineering

Research Group of Applied Microbiology and Water Treatment




PI: Prof. SONG Kang, PhD 


Contact Us:  

E-mail:  sk(AT)

Office Tel:  86-27-68780253

General Introduction: 

The Research Group of Applied Microbiology and Water Treatment focuses on water pollution control engineering, environmental microbiological engineering, and environmental ecology. It is currently undertaking projects supports from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. 

This group continuously cooperated with domestic and international research groups, including but not limited to research teams in Japan, Australia, USA, Thailand and so forth. Over 30 international papers were published in top journals of environmental area in the last three years. Their research enriched the theoretical system of water pollution control, provided scientific basis and technology for regional and industry water environment governance. 

Major research areas:  

water and wastewater treatment, biological nitrogen removal, aquaculture wastewater treatment and resources recovery, greenhouse gas emission mitigation, sludge treatment and resources recovery, pollutant environmental behavior and environmental effects, environmental criteria.