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    Affiliated with IHB, Water Ecological Engineering Technology Research Center of Hubei Province was set up in June 2004 under the approval of the Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province. It was co-sponsored by Wuhan University, Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Zhongke Hydro-Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. Also affiliated with IHB is Water Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center of Wuhan City founded in December 2005 under the approval of the Bureau of Science and Technology of Wuhan. It was co-sponsored by Wuhan Scientific and Technological Achievements Transference Service Center, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, the Yangtze River Water Resources Protection Scientific Research Institute, etc.  

    With the advantage of the respective institutes and personnel, these provincial and municipal centers are now in possession of a large number of high and intermediate level scientists and technologists. With the increase of their competence in developing new engineering technologies, the centers have put forward some new concepts in urban water environment management, which highlight the notions of theoretical creation, creation of methodology and technological innovation. The two centers have gathered a strong force for research design, demonstration of model projects, products development and technological service.  

    In the face national strategic demands for the improvement and treatment of water environment, they are striving for the solution of some key issues in the field of water environment. They have been persistent in developing engineering technology systemon sewage purification and reclamation ecological engineering technology,eutrophic lake ecosystem restoration technology, cyanobacterial bloom control technology and sustainable utilization of water quality management technology. They are working hard to systemize these technologies and to implement them in auxiliary projects so as to transfer these achievements into marketable products, and to push forward the development of high-tech in the field of water treatment while providing relative enterprises with matured auxiliary technology and consultation for their production. In addition, they also intend to provide support and services for environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment, international cooperation and exchange between relative enterprises and the world. 

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