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    The National Research Center for Freshwater Fisheries Engineering (Wuhan), attached to the Institute of Hydrobiology, was established in May 2000 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. The Center’s mission is to transfer the scientific and technological achievements into mass production in the selection and breeding of fine aquatic species, the sanitation and treatment of aquatic animal diseases, and the establishment of new models of fish farming suitable for the Chinese context. It is also to promote new aquatic technologies, to popularize aquatic science and technology, and to sustain the healthy development of China’s aquatic industry.  

    The Center has a large number of senior and junior S&T personnel, and it is very strong in research design, demonstration of model project, development of new products and technological services. It is market-oriented, and on the basis of its scientific and technological strength, it aims at the industrialization of scientific achievements in aquaculture. The center provides services for users of aquaculture products in line with the country’s strategy of sustainable development of aquaculture and will explore new ways to combine science and technology with economy, and re-enforce the transference of scientific and technological achievements to the productivity. It will find some suitable ways, together with relevant technologies and products, for the healthy and sustainable development of fishery in China. It will integrate these achievements into engineering projects, and implement them on a nation-wide basis so as to promote and up-grade the traditional freshwater fisheries of the country. The center will also train some first-class technological personnel, and try to build itself into a base for the study, development and production of freshwater fisheries.  

    The center has set up National Research Center for Freshwater Fisheries Engineering (Wuhan) Co. Ltd., which operates in the fashion of modern enterprises. It has invested more than 20 million yuan (RMB) in the construction of an aqua micro-agent factory and an aquaculture hatchery base. It has founded the Strategic Union of the Yangtze River Aquaculture Industry Technology Innovation joined by 12 dominant aquaculture enterprises in Hubei, Jiangxi and Jiangsu provinces, and has started technological cooperation with them. The union has built a base covering more than 30 000 ha of lakes and ponds for healthy aquaculture demonstration and technological dissemination. The union has also set up a number of aquaculture multiplication farms at both the state and provincial levels, and has produced more than 300 million high quality aquaculture fingerlings, yielding a comprehensive economic profit of more than 300 million yuan (RMB). 

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