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  • Wiley Blackwell Publishes a New Book on Aquaculture in China
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    The launching ceremony for the book Aquaculture in China: Success Stories and Modern Trends was held at IHB in Wuhan on June 12, 2018.

    The world famous publisher Wiley Blackwell published the new book with the title of Aquaculture in China: Success Stories and Modern Trends last month. With more than 700 pages, the newly released book is the joint effort of more than 100 aquaculture scientists in three years’ time.    

    The book comprehensively introduced the success stories of developing progresses and contribution achieved in Chinese aquaculture. Using typical cases in plain and clear language, it covers a wide range of topics from the main aquaculture practices, feed formulation and feeding techniques, genetic breeding and seed industry technologies, disease pathology and related control technologies, instrument aquaculture techniques, conservation of aquaculture species to the environmental protection in China.   

    The book explained the reasons and driving forces behind these successes, and it also predicted and suggested the future trends and strategies of Chinese aquaculture.    

    With important academic and practical value, this book will be the reading material and reference for aquaculture scientists, managers, policy makers, farmers and related students. It will be translated into Chinese in the near future so that those who are involved in aquaculture in China, including farmers, would have access to its invaluable contents, when needed.   

    At the book launching ceremony held today at the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, ZHANG Xianliang, Director General of the Fisheries Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, reviewed the huge success as well as challenges and hard tasks faced in the new era for Chinese aquaculture. He said, “the editorial team led by Prof. GUI Jian-Fang and Prof. TANG Qisheng worked hard on this book and we all truly appreciate their efforts”. Prof. Gui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Tang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering both had outstanding achievements in freshwater and marine aquaculture, respectively.          

    “I felt honored to be invited to write the forward for this book.” Zhang said, “I believe these success stories and typical cases would not only have important practical significance for the present transformation, upgrading and structural reform on the supply side of the Chinese aquaculture industry, but also help provide reference for the aquaculture policy making and aquaculture sustainability in other countries of the world.”    

    Zhang was also sure that the extension and application of these successful cases would play important roles in promoting the development of aquaculture in developing countries, especially those countries of the Belt and Road Initiative, and forge forward on international collaboration in aquaculture.   

    Dr. Sena S De Silva, a professor of Deakin University with world-wide expertise in aquaculture and fish nutrition, is one of the editors of the book. Unable to grace this momentous occasion due to a prevailing medical condition, he wrote in the speech he sent to China, “I’ve been a main driver in the project that lead to the current publication, which has taken nearly two and half years to come to fruition, through the efforts and endeavours of many parties…This landmark publication will be useful to every one and all involved directly in the development of the aquaculture and related sectors not only in China but globally.”   

    The book launching ceremony also consisted of two oral presentations which were made by Prof. TANG Qisheng and Prof. GUI Jian-Fang, in addressing issues related to the green development and future of fisheries as well as the success story of Chinese aquaculture in the breeding of serial gibel carp varieties and their application.  

    (By LIU Jiashou, WANG Qidong, MA Yun)

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