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    High Ammonium Dosing Tests Reveal C-N Metabolic Strategies of Submersed Macrophytes (2014-08-22)
    Seasonality of Foodweb Cascading Due to Trophic Niche Shifts (2014-08-11)
    Contrasting Energy Mobilizations as a Consequence of Regime Shifts (2014-08-05)
    Two Rounds of Polyploidy Origins Revealed in Gibel Carp (2014-06-11)
    Scientists Reveal Methylcrotonyl-CoA Carboxylase as a Novel Regulator of Triacylglycerol Accumulation in Di... (2014-05-12)
    Scientists Discover Rules of Variation in Total Phosphorus Thresholds for Regime Shifts in Shallow Lakes (2014-05-07)
    Essential Functions for Noxa in Zebrafish Embryonic Development (2014-03-17)
    BMP/Smad Regulation Network Revealed in Zebrafish Early Development (2014-03-05)
    Spray Bacteria on the Desert to Halt its Spread (2014-01-15)
    CAS Scientists Expand Known Phosphorylation Sites in Tetrahymena from Dozens to Thousands (2013-12-09)
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