Students from University of Tainan Participate in Site Exchange Learning Activities of Environmental Biology and Experiment of Freshwater Algae


IHB Researchers gave lectures to the students coming from the University of Tainan. 

The site exchange learning activities of environmental biology and experiment of freshwater algae was jointly held by Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Tainan in July, 2018. 

During this three-week learning program, 13 students attended this course. Among them, 11 were from the University of Tainan and two were from the universities in the mainland.  

Researchers from the Research Group of Environmental Biology of Algae taught students various lessons on the topics including the monitoring and classification of phytoplankton, soil algae and biological soil crust, phytoplankton and its application in ecological evaluation, limnology, mechanism of eutrophication and bloom of cyanobacteria, controlling technique and treatment of water pollution, protection and restoration of freshwater wetlands, recycling of algae biomass and other basic knowledge. 

Participants also took part in experiments such as collecting freshwater phytoplankton algal and biological soil crust samples and the treatment and identification of algae species, cultivating students’ basic abilities in collecting and identifying freshwater algae during the experiments. 

“The courses are interesting, and I learned a lot from the lessons and practices,” said master degree candidate Zhan Pingcheng of Tainan University. 

IHB’s deputy director Prof. MIAO Wei and Prof. Cheng Taisheng, head of the Science and Biotechnology Department of Tainan University, attended the closing ceremony and presented certificates to the students. “This activity has largely enhanced the communication and relationship across the Straits.” said Miao. 


IHB's deputy director MIAO Wei presented certificate to the participant. 


Participants learned how to collect the plankton. 


A group photo of all participants. 

(By PENG Chengrong, MA Yun)