Delegation from Shanxi University's College of Life Sciences Visits IHB

On the afternoon of April 13th, a delegation of eight people, including QIAO Mingqiang, Dean of the College of Life Sciences, and ZHANG Xiaoyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, from Shanxi University visited the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences. XU Jun, Deputy Director of the IHB, as well as staff from the Graduate School and the Party Committee Office, and outstanding representatives of the Youth League Committee attended the exchange forum. The forum was chaired by LIAO Caiping, Deputy Director of the Personnel and Education Office.  

Prof.XU Jun welcomed the delegation from Shanxi University and expressed hope that through this forum, they could deepen mutual understanding and cooperation, seeking new breakthroughs in student education and mentor collaboration. 

Prof.QIAO Mingqiang positively responded to the invitation for cooperation and expressed hope to learn from the IHB's good practices through this research and exchange forum. 

LIAO Caiping introduced the graduate education at the IHB, providing a comprehensive overview of the institute's history, positioning and research directions, major research achievements, talent status, and basic situation of graduate education.  

During the exchange session, both parties engaged in extensive discussions on "how to enhance graduate student activity participation" and "issues regarding graduate student mental health," sharing their experiences. 

After the forum, the delegation from Shanxi University visited the IHB's history museum, scientist spirit exhibition hall, aquatic biology museum, and gymnasium. 


Delegation from Shanxi University's College of Life Sciences Visits IHB on April 13, 2024 (Credit: IHB)

Visit the Spirit of Scientist Pavilion (Credit: IHB)