National, Provincial and Ministerial Platforms

National Aquatic Biological Resource Center

National Aquatic Biological Resource Center (NABRC), established in June 2019, is a member of National Science and Technology Resource Platform supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance.

The NABRC consists of six sub-platforms:   

* China Zebrafish Resource Center, which took the lead in completing the "Zebrafish All Genes Knock-out Project for Chromosome 1" and became one of the three major resource centers in global zebrafish community 

Main fish room of the China Zebrafish Resource Center (Credit:IHB) 

* National Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa, which consists of two world leading resource centers - the Freshwater Algae Culture Collection at IHB and the Tetrahymena Resource Center 

Freshwater Algae Culture Collection at the Institute of Hydrobiology, FACHB-collection (Credit:IHB) 

* Yangtze River Fish Germplasm Resource Center, which has the world’s largest freshwater fish resource such as gibel carp 

* China Culture Collection of Aquatic Plants, which has the largest duckweed strain collection in the world 

* Featured Aquatic Biological Resource Center, which covers China's distinctive experimental fish, Gobiocypris rarus, aquatic pathogens and bait organisms 

* Yangtze Rare Aquatic Animal Resource Center, which is the most influential freshwater dolphin research platform for having the only captive-bred community of Yangtze finless porpoise in the world 

Main resources of the NABRC, From A to H:
Zebrafish, Algae, Tetrahymena, Gibel carp, Gobiocypris rarus, Yangtze finless porpoise, Fish parasite and Duckweed


In summary, these six sub-platforms have reached leading levels at home and abroad in terms of the resource richness, the resource digitization, as well as the amount and quality of resource services. Right now, these platforms are in strong support of basic biology, basic medicine, aquatic economics, water environmental protection and other areas in China. It is an essential way to practice the "Great Yangtze River Protection" and promote the construction of ecological civilization in the Yangtze River.  

In the future, the platforms will further integrate different types of resources, optimize the resource configuration and improve the service systems, so as to build a high standard resource sharing platform on a global scale and promote international communication and cooperation. 

Director: SUN Yonghua
Deputy Directors: SONG Lirong  ZHOU Li
Head of Expert Panel: ZHU Zuoyan