Office of Human Resources and Education

The Office of Human Resources and Education is the administrative office in charge of the personnel and talent management as well as graduate education.

It formulates and implements rules and regulations on human resources and graduate education; establishes and regulates organizational structure and personnel positions; responsible for personnel planning and management of permanent staff; and deals with routines related to salary and welfare, promotion and recruitment. 

The office also takes charge of talent introduction, organizes employees to apply for talent programs, and manages top talents. It conducts employee annual reviews, and assessments on the appointment and dismissal of IHB’s leadership. Other office responsibilities include personnel file management, database maintenance and statistics on personnel information, continuing education for employees, postdocs and senior visiting scholars management, retirement affairs, and library management.  

In terms of graduate education, the office deals with the daily management of students, outlines the recruitment and teaching plans for students; constructs the faculty team, processes degree conferral and scholarship applications, and awards degrees and scholarships to the recipient. It issues guideline for graduation process as well.  

Acting Head: ZHANG Mi      
Deputy: FENG Xi