From the Director

The Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a comprehensive academic research institution devoted to the study of the life processes of inland aquatic organisms, ecology, environmental protection and the utilization of biological resources. IHB was evolved from Natural History Museum of Academia Sinica founded in Nanjing, January 1930. After the establishment of CAS in 1950, the institute became one of twelve institutes of CAS and it moved from Shanghai to Wuhan in 1954.  

IHB has been honored to count a number of distinguished scholars among its faculty over the years, such as Prof. WANG Jiaji, Prof. WU Xianwen and Prof. RAO Qinzhi, who pioneered in research in protozoology, ichthyology and phycology of China, respectively. These scholars have made remarkable accomplishments in the fields of fish biology, freshwater fishery, lake ecology, aquatic biodiversity and resources conservation, algal biology and water environment engineering, etc. Several major achievements conducted by the institute (e.g. artificial reproduction of four major domestic carps) made outstanding contribution in advancing S&T and had a great impact on national economic development in China.  

IHB has long been participating in various programs associated with science popularization. Its endeavor to inform the public about the issues regarding water resource protection and freshwater biodiversity conservation has received a wide range of attention and praise.  

In 2011, IHB entered the “CAS Innovation 2020” Program. This is a critical opportunity for the institute’s future development. Oriented by the state’s demands, we will concentrate on the major issues regarding the national economy and environment and make our efforts in contributing to the sustainable development of our society.  

The overall strategic positioning, major S&T breakthroughs and key research areas (known as the “One-Three-Five” development planning) for the next five to ten years are clarified in the institute’s “Innovation 2020” development planning: 

IHB will exert itself to make theoretical and technological breakthroughs with the goal of protecting the aquatic environment, promoting sustainable development of fishery and utilizing microalgal bioresources so as to satisfy the strategic demands of the country in the related fields. It will carry on the institutional and management reform, adapt better evaluation system and incentive mechanism, and create an environment that is conducive to scientific research and cultural development. It will further strengthen the recruitment and cultivation of talents, consolidate cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and scientists, promote the construction of research teams, constantly enhance the academic level and thus make contribution to the social development.  

We’ve been receiving great support from various areas of society. On behalf of the institute, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all of you! With your kind support and joint efforts, we will try to make IHB an international first-rate comprehensive research institute. Our faculty will work together to elevate the overall level of the institute. We warmly welcome colleagues and young people from both home and abroad to join us, visit us or cooperate with researchers in IHB and create a better and promising future for IHB.  

Institute of Hydrobiology
Chinese Academy of Sciences