Office of Assets and Facilities Management

The Office of Assets and Facilities Management is responsible for the management of research facilities and equipment, procurement of fixed assets from both China and abroad, and management of low-value consumables and state-owned assets for commercial purpose. Moreover, it is in charge of the construction of the centers and regional centers affiliated to the institute, and the maintenance of a sharing platform of assets such as large facilities and equipment.

The office makes plan for the institute infrastructure projects; coordinates the construction process from application to final acceptance stage; maintains buildings and utility systems such as electricity and plumbing; governs the repair and purchase projects; activates emergency response in case of a fire or other types of emergencies; and assists the employees and students in hukou (household) registrations. 

Other responsibilities include the allocation of lab and office space, temporary housing services, calculation of housing allowance, property management, environmental hygiene, security, and other related duties when required. 

Head: QI Wei