Life at IHB

Nibras Najm Abbood


Nibras Najm Abbood  (PhD candidate)  

I’d like to start with my feeling for this generous institute. When I was a master student and before I got my admission note here, me and my brother (Ziyad) have been here to do some steps of our lab work which we could not do it in our university. Every time we arrived here we started to talk about our dream if one day we would be a PhD candidates here. Our friend in one of this institute’s laboratories helped us a lot during that time, and we always asked each other when we shall be lucky enough to do our phd research here so everyday night after lab work we can walk besides the East lake. 

With our God’s helping and Prof. XIAO Wuhan’s helping and Ms. Trisa’s (廖彩萍) helping, I started my phd study here, although I faced many difficulties in the first year but Ms. Trisa and my teacher Prof. Xiao were quite patient and helpful with me. Then I started my life in IHB in  a good lab and met very nice lab mates. I was under supervision of Prof. Xiao who I’m really grateful for. Since first day in IHB I feel I’m living between high quality of skillful researchers and in the right place to get best knowledge. I started my day with fast breakfast then fought (me and my lab mates always called “doing experiments” fighting) till 12:00 pm, then had break for lunch and rest then back for our fighting or read some papers till night. They always tried to speak English with me and I tried to speak Chinese with them so I asked them in Chinese and they answered me in English. Thanks God that I got such kind of lab mates.  

Every Monday we had lab meeting, and they had nice discussion. 

For me I feel I’m lucky that I chose china to study and luckier to be in such a great institute. I love china because I saw the clear meaning of politeness and helping and modesty in this nation. I said and I’ll say it forever, Chinese people have 2 languages, Chinese smile and Chinese language. 

Students Office of Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences consists of elite teachers and clerks who love to help their students. 

I haven’t any problem in my institute because I feel I’m living in a really good place, good lab and among clever researchers. Daily life is fine because everything is available nearby: Supermarkets, restaurants, banks, bus stations, hospitals, and very nice lake. 

So everything in IHB is pretty ok, even the security men at 2 gates are so kind. 

Finally I just wanna say Thanks God, Thanks China, thanks my teacher, thanks Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and thanks Ms. Trisa for everything you have done for me.