Life at IHB

Asanka Jayasinghe


Asanka Jayasinghe (PhD Candidate) 

Hi all,………….I’m Asanka Jayasinghe from Sri Lanka. At the moment, in final year of my PhD at IHB. 

I didn’t feel that I’ve passed almost 3 yrs, and that’s the wonder with student life at IHB. 

Still remember how I felt during first week of my life here ………I missed my family, my beautiful country, and friendly people around me, a lot. 

Then suddenly, I found everything here.  

The picturesque surrounding by Lake Donghu provided a calm and peaceful working environment for students at IHB. The state-of-the-art buildings and well-equipped laboratories, kind and helpful staff, friendly local students, peaceful public always welcoming foreigners and trying to communicate even by sign language, numerous food stalls with succulent spicy food, hot fried rice, and unique Chinese noodles prepared in countless methods and always giving home-made feeling ………..everything was perfect.  

From peaceful and quiet village areas to busy and crowded cities, all-in-one place tiny shop outlets to multiplex department stores…… all are either within walking distance or easily reachable by efficient public transport or 24hr taxi service in Wuhan. 

I remember in my first week, a local student from another university talked with me at a super market. When he knew that I’m from IHB, he thumbed up saying “wow!”. According to him, it’s a dream of all local students to join UCAS, and I had achieved that. That was an eye opener for me to realize how prestigious the place I happened to be. Thanks to IHB for giving me that opportunity…………..!