Life at IHB

Wisam Kareem

Hello, my name is Wisam Kareem, I have graduated from Pharma/ India. It has been almost three years I came from Iraq and started attending my Master degree classes in IHB, when I first came to IHB, I couldn’t speak or read or even to  writing in Chinese. When the teacher spoke in Chinese I would ask a classmate and they were so helpful they tried them best to help, some of using a dictionary some can speak quite moderate English and others could share some writing messages to let me fell understand and goes smoothly with the next classes. Sometimes I did not feel comfortable  to keep asking but they were always pleasure to help, Moreover some of them they start to teach me how to write or how to read and speak Chinese, I am proud of myself because I learned and choose to be one of the Prof(Feng Ge.) who Principal Investigator, 

Prof. Ge well received me in his lab (laboratory of Functional Proteomics) with perfect arrangement and challenge lab matte.  

I have join Professor Laboratory in 2016. I’m hoping that I will have good published for my final semester and can be proud of what I have accomplished. 

I have no regrets about choosing and taking my master degree from IHB, I feel satisfied with my experience and personal growth. I wouldn’t change my experience at IHB and the things that I have learned, both in terms of academics and personal experiences. 

My feedback about this institute was wonderful and if I have the chance to do my PhD. Degree, I will choose once again to be a part of this IHB once again. I knew that what I have done and learned in my master degree will be a key and achieve of my future career and personal goals.