The Second Mississippi - Yangtze River Basins Symposium

The 2nd Mississippi - Yangtze River Basins Symposium (MYRIBS) & 2015 China Society of Fisheries Resources (CSF) and Environment Annual Meeting was held from October 15 to 21 at IHB.

The 2nd Mississippi -Yangtze River Basins Symposium (MYRIBS) & 2015 China Society of Fisheries Resources (CSF) and Environment Annual Meeting was held from October 15 to 21 at Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB).    

This symposium was jointly organized by IHB and China Society of Fisheries (CSF). More than 200 scholars and representatives in different governmental agencies and organizations, research institutions and universities from both China and United States attended the symposium, including the US Geological Survey (USGS), National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), American Fisheries Society (AFS), World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), The Nature Conservancy, Southern Illinois University, Mississippi State University, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Conservation,  CFS, China Ministry of Agriculture Yangtze River Basin Office, IHB, Yangtze River Fisheries Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, The Three Gorges Dam Corporation, Shanghai Ocean University.    

During the symposium, representatives from both China and USA conducted in-depth communications about management and sustainable use of aquatic resources and environmental and ecosystem conservation of two of the worlds most important river basins.   

The opening ceremony was chaired by Prof. CHEN Yushun from IHB. Prof. ZHAO Jindong (Director of IHB), Prof. Donna Parrish (Immediate Past President of AFS), Prof. JIA Xiaoping (President of CSF), and Mr. ZHAO Yimin (Director of The Yangtze River Fisheries Resources Management Office) gave welcome speeches, respectively. Mr Jiantong Situ (secretary-general of CSF), Prof. LI Zhongjie, Prof. XIE Shouqi, Prof. HE Feng, Prof. CHEN Daqing Chen (YRFI), Duanne Chapman (USGS) along with others attended the opening ceremony. There were ten plenary presentations and 40 session presentations during the two-day symposium.  

During the 2nd MYRIBS, symposium attendees visited the Museum for Aquatic Organisms, Baiji Dolphinarium, Yangtze River Fishery Institute, Chinese Sturgeon Research Institute, the Three Gorges Reservoir and the Gezhouba Reservoir. They also visited some related research groups and discussed with the PIs at IHB.   

The Mississippi-Yangtze River Basins Symposium (MYRIBS) was developed after the first Mississippi-Yangtze River Basin Symposium in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA during the 143rd American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting in September 2013. Symposium attendees will be provided with the opportunity to evaluate approaches and techniques for transferability within and between the two basins. This symposium will continue to serve as a platform for the long-term plan of international scientific program consisting of collaborative studies, visiting scholars, and information exchange between the United States and China.


IHB Director Prof. Jindong Zhao presented the welcome speech 

AFS Immediate Past President Prof. Donna Parrish presented the welcome speech 

Symposium attendees visited related research groups at IHB