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Postdoc Positions at IHB

The Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), founded in 1930 and located in Wuhan, is a comprehensive academic research institution devoted to the study of the life processes of inland aquatic organisms, environmental protection and the utilization of biological resources. It has a strong record of achievement and has been honored to count 10 CAS members among its faculty over the years.  


IHB is China’s only research institution specializing in the study of inland aquatic organisms. Its mission is to make theoretical and technological breakthroughs with the goal of protecting the aquatic environment, promoting sustainable fishery development and utilizing microalgal bioresources. 


IHB is now seeking qualified candidates for postdoctoral positions. Below are some of the postdoctoral positions available at IHB.  There is no deadline, positions are open until filled! 




 Professional Requirements  


Molecular Genetics 

Regulation of Hypoxia signaling pathway 

Molecular biology, Developmental biology, Genetics, Biochemistry 

XIAO Wuhan

Chemical Ecology 

Fate and behavior of chemcials, Water pollution control and remediation, Ecological restoration 

Environmental ChemistryEnvironmental Geochemistry, Ecology 

LIU Jiantong 


Fish Developmental Biology and Biotechnology 

Fish early development, biotechnology, biomethodology and fish genetic breeding 

PhD in Genetics, developmental biology, cell biology, biotechnology or fish genetic breeding. 

SUN Yonghua 



Bio-acoustics of marine mammals, effects of underwater noise on marine mammals 

Bio-acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine acoustics 

WANG Ding 


Fish Molecular Immunology 

1. Functions of regulatory lymphocytes involved in fish mucosal immunity;  

2. Function and development of fish NK-like cells 

Fish immunology, Cellular and molecular biology, Developmental biology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry 

ZHANG Yong-An 


River-floodplain Ecology 

Environmental flows, eutrophication and regime shifts, 

ecosystem health assessment, benthology 


PhD in ecology, phycology, botany, zoology, hydrology, hydraulics, landscape ecology, etc. 

WANG Hongzhu

Cell Biology and Molecular Biology  

Assembly and disassembly of cilia; biofuel  

PhD in cell biology or molecular biology or genetics ; professional skills in English writing and speaking; good record of publication in scientific journal. 

HUANG Kaiyao 


Fish Ecology, Fish Biology 

Life history, reproductive biology, early life stage resource and population recuitment, trophic ecology, community ecology, population dynamics 

1. PhD research relative to fish ecology or fish biology; 2. good in English communication and writing; 3. at least one paper published in peer-reviewed journal. 

XIE Songguang




Basic Requirements: 


1.      PhD degree  

2.      Publish at least one SCI paper or at least one paper is accepted by SCI journal 

3.      Good team spirit and learning ability 

4.      Ability to work independently and strong communication skills  


To apply, applicants should provide: 


Curriculum Vitae including work and study experience, a list of publications and other achievements; 

Copy of academic degree certificate;   

A short summary of research interests and scientific goals;   

Two reference letters (one is from the applicant’s PhD supervisor) 


Applicants interested in any of these positions should send the above-mentioned documents by email to