British Princess Anne Visits Baiji Dolphinarium


Princess Anne watched the training of the Yangtze finless porpoises. 

British Princess Anne had an official visit to Baiji Dolphinarium at Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences on July 6, 2017. Dame Barbara Woodward, British Ambassador to China, as well as Nick Whittingham, consul general at British Consulate General Wuhan, were with the Princess Royal.    

IHB Prof. WANG Ding, president of Wuhan Baiji Conservation Foundation, introduced the threats that the Yangtze finless porpoises had been facing and the progress that the conservation work had been achieved. IHB Prof. ZHANG Xianfeng, vice president of Wuhan Baiji Conservation Foundation, introduced his research supported by the Whitley Fund for Nature, a UK-registered charity that offers the Whitley Award to outstanding leaders of nature conservation projects in the developing world.    

Princess Anne later visited the living area of the Yangtze finless porpoises and learned the living status of the captive-bred porpoises. Princess Anne also witnessed the signing of the MoU between IHB and the Zoological Society of London.
Princess Anne signed for Wuhan Baiji Conservation Foundation.
 On behalf of IHB, Prof. HU Zhengyu, deputy director of IHB, signed the MoU with the Zoological Society of London.
Lisa from the Zoological Society of London, introduced to Princess Anne the Sino-British project on porpoises conservation.
(Photos provided by British Consulate General Wuhan)