Lecture on December 8, 2015

Time: 10:00, Dec. 8, 2015

Venue: Conference Room on the 8th Floor

Speaker: Quan Dong, Chief and Supervisory Ecologist, USGS Fort Collins Science Center 

Title: Ecological Flows in Human-Natural Hydroscapes 

Introduction to the Speaker:  

Dr. Dong currently is the Branch Chief at the Aquatic Systems Branch of the Fort Collins Science Center, USGS. Dr. Dong received a Ph. D. in biology at Vanderbilt University in 1994, and a M. S. from the School of the Environment at Duke University. Dr. Dong was a student in 1977 class at Beijing Medical College and a graduate student in 1978 class at Beijing Normal University. Dr. Dong is an ecologist, with interests in: detecting key processes that underlie spatial and temporal dynamics of ecological systems, identifying organizing principles that link individuals, populations, communities, food webs, ecosystems, and landscapes, and applying innovative, integrative, and quantitative approaches to solving problems in conservation, restoration and management of natural resources. Dr. Dong has authored numerous publications, including books, research journal articles, book chapters, technical reports, reviews, dictionary entries, prose and an award-winning TV scientific documentary. Some of the scientific publications were well cited and were used in classrooms. Dr. Dong also published photos in journals, books, and pamphlets. Dr. Dong delivered dozens of invited speeches and presented research results in symposia, seminars and conferences, including plenary and keynote speeches. Dr. Dong has served as university faculty, foundation science adviser, reviewer of journal papers and grant proposals, and a member of expert services, journal editorial boards, review panels, and scientific society council.