Lecture on Sept.26, 2017

Time: 15:00, Sept. 20, 2017

Venue: Room 102, No. 2 Laboratory Building

Speaker: Dr. Ratha Chea

Research & Development Centre, University of Battambang, Cambodia

Title: Patterns of fish diversity and community structure in Mekong River Basin

Introduction to the Speaker: 

Ratha Chea is currently a lecturer/researcher at the University of Battambang, Cambodia. He received his Diploma of Engineering in water resources from Institute of Technology of Cambodia and Master of Engineering from National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (INPT) in Hydrology and PhD in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution from University of Toulouse, France. His current fields of studies cover hydrology, water quality, ecology of freshwater fish and food web ecology of the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) and Tonle Sap Great Lake (Cambodia) in the context of global changes by focusing on patterning and prediction using dynamic and stochastic models. He is interested in particular how the ecosystems function and put these understandings into management and conservation practice. Dr. Chea has been working as team leader, coordinator in various development projects, capacity building projects (Erasmus+ program), Erasmus Mundus, working with local governmental staffs, communities, NGOs, and international organizations and universities.