10th Cross-Strait Symposium on Constructed Wetland Held in Kaohsiung


The 10th Cross-Strait Symposium on Constructed Wetland was held in Kaohsiung from May 2 to 7, 2019.  

The 10th Cross-Strait Symposium on Constructed Wetland was held in Kaohsiung from May 2 to 7, 2019. The symposium was jointly organized by Taiwan Wetland Society, Sun-Yat Sen University in Taiwan and Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences. About 300 experts, scholars and technical managers of constructed wetlands cross the straits attended the symposium.    

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Wei-Ta Fang, secretary general of the Taiwan Wetland Society. Prof. Hsing Juh Lin, president of the Taiwan Wetland Society, as well as Li Xianhua, president of the College of Marine Sciences at Sun Yat-sen University, delivered the welcome speeches. Prof. HU Wei, IHB’s deputy director, addressed at the opening ceremony on behalf of all the attendees from the Chinese Mainland.    

The theme of this conference is cross disciplinary communication and smart utilization of wetlands. Prof. Hsing Juh Lin, Prof. Hong Yuan Lee from Taiwan University, Prof. Wen Yan Chiau from Taiwan Ocean University, IHB Prof. WU Zhenbin, Prof. Lei Yang from the Water Resources Center at Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) and Prof. Chung Shin Yuan from Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) gave keynote speeches respectively. There were also 48 oral presentations, 25 posters and 12 student presentations given at the symposium.    

During the symposium, Prof. Hu Wei, IHB’s deputy director, led IHB experts to collect samples from the water quality improvement project in Love River in Kaohsiung, and exchanged views on the treatment of the Love River and the protection of different types of wetlands with leaders of the Bureau of Environmental Protection, Water Resources and Wetland Conservation Center.    

Since 2008, the Cross-Strait Symposium on Constructed Wetland initiated and organized by Prof. WU Zhenbin and Prof. Lei Yang, has been held eight times in Wuhan, Kaohsiung, Haikou, Taipei, Yichang, Hangzhou, Chiayi, Yinchuan, Shenzhen and Kaohsiung respectively. It has served as an increasingly mature and diversified platform for the cross-strait experts and technical managers through conversation, investigation, staff exchange and other various forms. The experts and representatives communicated with each other, exchanged ideas and promoted friendship, and gained dozens of cross-strait exchange cooperation and fruitful achievement.