Prof. HE Shunping Remains Chairman of 12th Council of Hubei Zoological Society

Prof. HE Shunping gives a keynote speech at the annual symposium of the 12th Council of Hubei Zoological Society. (Credit: IHB)

HE Shunping, professor of the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was re-elected as the chairman of the 12th Council of Hubei Zoological Society at the annual symposium of the Society held in Wuhan on January 8, 2022.    

Prof. MIAO Wei of IHB was elected vice chairmen of the society, and Dr. XIONG Fan was elected secretary general. IHB professors CAO Hong, WANG Kexiong, CUI Yongde and Associate Professor GAO Xin were elected executive directors.    

“On this position, I will continue to pass down the values of the Society, and make more breakthroughs to push the development of the society to new heights,” said He.   

The annual meeting of the Hubei Zoological Society was jointly organized by IHB and Huazhong Normal University. Work plan for the new year was also discussed at the meeting.