WANG Ghuitang Elected Director of Fish Disease Professional Committee of China Society of Fisheries

WANG Guitang, professor of Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was elected as director of Fish Disease Professional Committee under China Society of Fisheries (CSF) at the changeover meeting of the CSF held on July 1, 2022.    

Also at the meeting, 70 regular members, one director, one honorary director, seven deputy directors, one secretary-general and two deputy secretary-generals were elected through online voting.      

Prof. Wang obtained his PhD at IHB in 1995. His research interests include taxonomy, phylogeny, population biology, molecular ecology of parasites; host-parasite coevolution; epidemiology of fish parasitic diseases; molecular ecology of microbial community in water, sediment of fishponds, as well as fish intestine; fish microbial pathogenesis; relationship between the microbial community and the occurrence of fish diseases; probiotics application in aquaculture; fish disease control with chemical drugs and ecological methods.